Water Odour/Taste Update

Jennifer RegalAnnouncements, Archived

Our apologies for the ongoing odour/taste in the water system.  There was a chemical control issue at the regional water treatment plant that caused an upset to the chlorine to ammonia ratio.  Water was pumped into the system for a short period of time before the alarm sounded and the issue was rectified.  The water system is complex, and it will take some time for the water to be changed out in our network.

We appreciate your patience while the water passes completely through the system.  We want to assure you that all water quality tests pertaining to the safety of the water, as far as drinking, cooking or bathing are within normal ranges.  Alberta Environment & Parks was notified and have advised that there are no concerns with the issue that has occurred.  Unfortunately, it is a time of waiting as the water passes through the system and we are not able to provide an exact time of when this will happen.   Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding.