The Agricultural Services Department

The Agricultural Services Department is responsible for all things agriculture within the County. They’re responsible for adhering to the legislation put forth by the federal, provincial and local governments. The Agricultural Services Department main objective is to provide residents with a range of information and services to protect and enhance agriculture and rural living within Northern Sunrise County.

A few of the services offered include:

  • Weed Control Assisting residents with weed control issues by making recommendations based on resident needs.
  • Pest Control Working with residents to resolve control issues. Offering a range of information and services.
  • Integrated Vegetation Management Municipal Roadways and Proper ties
  • Veterinary Service Incorporated (V.S.I.) Northern Sunrise County is a participating member of V.S.I.
  • Shelterbelt Helping to protect farmland
  • Grass Seeding Conducting roadside grass re-seeding programs on County owned lands.
  • Public Area Maintenance Services The parks and public area maintenance crew maintain public areas all year round. During the winter season they ensure that all trails are kept clear of snow and ice by plowing, removal of snow and sanding walking trails & recreation facilities. During the spring and summer season the crew keep trails clean and manicured for the public’s enjoyment.
  • Watershed Protection of natural environment (soil & water)
  • Programs and Grants Facilitating local and provincial agricultural grant programs such as Alberta Environmental Farm Plan, Growing Forward and Alternative Land Use Services

Contact Us

Phone: 780-322-3831   Fax: 780-322-3000   Email:
Address: 10203 – 101 Avenue (Railway), Nampa AB, T0H 2R0

Agricultural Service Board Agenda and Minutes
Visit CivicWeb for summaries on the Agricultural Service Board Agenda and Minutes.

Equipment Rentals
Rental Equipment will be used within Northern Sunrise County only unless otherwise authorized by Council. Find out more by viewing our Equipment Rental Information PDF.

Release Forms
Vegetation Management – Private Land Agreement / Fenceline Agreement,  Assist with controlling brush for sightlines, drainage, etc.
Occupant Authorization Release  – Authorization to relay Information to renters/leaseholders
Annual Spray Exemption AgreementOpting out of County’s Spray Program


Northern Sunrise is committed to delivering the ALUS program in collaboration with farmers and ranchers by taking marginal, environmentally sensitive lands out of agricultural production and appointing them to the production of environmental goods and services, in return rewarding producers through annual, per-acre payments.

For more information contact your ALUS Program Coordinator Katie Bartman, Northern Sunrise County 780-322-3831 or

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