Resident Services

Operations and Infrastructure

Northern Sunrise County’s Operations and Infrastructure Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction of County roads and bridges, and for providing utilities to County residents. Its services include dust control, graveling of roads, blading, line repainting, patching, snow plowing, sign installation and repairs.

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing of private driveways is completed by appointment when County Employees are not maintaining public roads. Flags can be purchased at the Northern Sunrise County Administration Building located at 135 Sunrise Road. Click here for a snow plow agreement.

Flags are $30 (plus GST) each and will only be issued after a snow plowing agreement has been completed. The driveway will be plowed for a maximum of 30 minutes per flag with the County’s one-ton pick-up truck. Additional time will be charged at $60 (plus GST) per hour.

Residents wishing to have their driveways plowed with a grader will be required to pre-pay for the service at the cost of $150 (plus GST). Accepted forms of payment include cash, cheque, credit card, or debit card. The resident will provide their rural address or legal land description and the Director of Operations and Infrastructure will arrange to have the service provided when regular department workloads allow.

When you require snow plowing in your driveway, place a flag at the entrance and contact the County office between 8:15-9:00 a.m. at 780-624-0013 to have your name placed on the list for plowing that day.

Dust Control

Applications for Dust Control on non-arterial roads are available at the Northern Sunrise County Administration building on an annual basis every spring. Dust Control agents will be applied to County roads at the following cost sharing rate:

Gravel Haul Road = 100% cost to the County
Arterial Roads = 100% cost to the County
Collector & Local Roads = 100% cost to the applicant

Dust control agents will be applied to a length of 200 meters per site at a cost of $500 (plus GST) per application.

The annual deadline to apply for Dust Control is March 31. Click here for an application.

Gravel Haul & Private Equipment Registration

Registration for the County’s annual Gravel Haul begins every January 1. Completed registration forms are accepted as of January 1 and the deadline to submit  is May 31. The County Gravel Haul commences in late June, early July with weather permitting.

Please complete the registration form and email to or you can bring them to the County Office. Approved contractors will be contacted in June prior to the start of the Gravel Haul.

Private Equipment Registration begins every January 1. Completed registration forms are accepted as of January 1 and the deadline to submit is May 15.  Please fill out the registration form and email to or you can bring them to the County Office.

Rural Address Signs

All parcels of land in the County supporting a residential, commercial, recreational or industrial development with a primary access onto a developed public road right-of-way should be assigned a rural address by the County and such address shall be posted in accordance with Bylaw B305/17. Get the Rural Address Sign Application here.

Please contact the County office at (780) 624-0013 regarding the replacement or to acquire a new rural address signs.

Water Utilities

NEW water Ltd.
The Northern Alberta communities of Northern Sunrise County (NSC), the Village of Nampa, Woodland Cree First Nation (WCFN), and Lubicon Lake Band #453 (LLB) have formed a collaborative partnership to meet the current and future water needs of their communities. NEW water Ltd. (NwL) operates a regional water system with the objective of delivering safe and reliable drinking water to a number of the farming communities, Hamlets, Villages, and First Nations communities in the region.

NEW water Ltd.

The County owns and operates 2 wastewater lagoons and 3 wastewater lift stations. The wastewater lagoons are in the hamlets of St. Isidore and Marie Reine as well as the Sunrise Gateway Business Park. All wastewater services are maintained and upgraded as needed.

Peace Regional Waste Management Company

Please visit for more information on the Landfill, Eco Centre, Recycling and Transfer Stations within the County.