Economic Development

What We Do

Economic Development improves the economic diversity of Northern Sunrise County, while enhancing the quality of life to its residents. The County is committed to working with local business and industry, ensuring that they have the support they need to sustain and expand their operations; also determining viability of trade and investment opportunities to attract new businesses and industries to the region.

The Economic and Tourism Committee is annually appointed by the Council and is there to advise the Economic Development Officer (EDO) and provide direction. The committee’s mandate is to encourage growth and stability of local businesses and foster new growth and economic prosperity, while promoting a favorable business environment. The EDO will identify opportunities and barriers facing local businesses and develop actions to address them. Our mission is also to attract new businesses and industries; as new investments lead to new employment opportunities, greater prosperity, and will help to retain and attract youth in our area.

The committee also works on creative and unique approaches to promote the tourism in our area with innovative marketing, promoting through trade shows and working closely with Mighty Peace Tourism. There are many places of interest, or events, happening in our area; like the Carnival in St Isidore, Harmon Valley Pro Rodeo, Nampa and District Museum, Cecil Thompson Park, Agricultural Fair Grounds, Sagitawa Look Out Point, Heart River Golf Course, Harmon Valley Park, Twelve Foot Davis Gravesite, Lubicon Lake Cultural Camp, Marie Reine Sports Club, Mill Brown Memorial Park, St. Isidore Walking Trail , Cadotte lake, Nampa Ball Tournament Farmers Day, St Isidore Cultural Center, Mamowintowin Cultural Centre, Pow Wow,   The Big Bash/Mud bog, Nampa and District Arena, Wesley Creek Snowmobile Trail, St Isidore Outdoor Skating Rink, Pat’s Creek Walking Trail and Trout Pond.

Economic Development Functions

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Site Selection Northern Sunrise County is the ideal location for companies looking to grow and expand their business.
Northern Sunrise County Economic Development is available to assist you throughout the entire site selection process.

Site selection services offered include:

  • Business relocation services such as:
    • Site search
    • Data gathering
    • Site and community tours
    • Meetings with local utility providers
    • Meetings with local company and community leaders
  • Business expansion and growth
  • Assistance with business assistance links
  • Assistance with workforce development resources and programs
  • Access to demographic data and mapping

We look forward to working with you on your site requirements. Most importantly, we look forward to welcoming you to the thriving Northern Sunrise County business community.

For more information regarding your site search needs, please contact the following Northern Sunrise County economic development staff members:
Lynn Florence
Economic Development Officer
Jennifer Regal
Development Officer

Starting a Business

Northern Sunrise County strives to make starting a business as easy as possible. The process of getting started varies significantly depending on the type of business being established. Those starting a home-based business will undergo a much different course of action than those purchasing land and/or constructing a facility.

Business Registration

Business registration with the County is completely voluntary and is highly encouraged. Registering your business helps the County better understand the structure and needs of the business community. There is no fee charge for registration and Northern Sunrise County does not issue business licenses to operate in the County. Already registered and want to update your information? Simply fill out this form and mail or attach and email to

Online business permits and licences

BizPaL is an innovative online service that provides entrepreneurs with simplified access to information about business permits, licences and other requirements needed to start, operate and grow their business from the federal, provincial/territorial and participating municipal governments.  For more information click here.

The following is a list of the services available for business clients:

Canoe on a river

Questions about starting a business in Northern Sunrise County?
Discuss your business needs and desires in confidence. Contact: Lynn Florence at 780-625-3288 or

Business Retention and Expansion

Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) is an economic development tool to encourage the growth and stability of local businesses. BRE fosters job growth and economic prosperity while promoting a favorable business environment. Through BRE efforts, NSC will identify opportunities and barriers facing local businesses and develop actions to address them. The economic development office is committed to working with local businesses to ensure that they have the support they need to sustain and expand their operations.

  1. Business visitations.
  2. Quarterly business newsletters.
  3. Host business socials to help develop synergies between businesses.
  4. Measurable business expansion with the assistance of the EDO.
  5. Invite business and industry to workshops or presentations with a guest speaker that will help improve their business strategies.
  6. Host marketing and communication programs and events to help promote and attract business and investment opportunities in NSC.
  7.  Entrepreneur Grant - This program provides existing County businesses with access to a business coach to provide mentorship and assistance in developing a business case for development, diversification and growth within Northern Sunrise County.
  8. Value-Added Agricultural and Tourism Grant. This $20,000 grant provided  landowners financial assistance to develop or expand their business in the value-added or tourism industry. Two $20,000 grants available every year, intake is from May 15- June 15. Contact Lynn for more information.

Why Invest Here? The Northern Sunrise County Business Advantage

Investment Attraction
New business investment leads to new employment opportunities and greater prosperity. Our mission is to attract new investment to NSC. We have conducted a strategy study for the Sunrise Gateway Business Park to better serve our community while attracting new and needed business in our area with a specific focus on a non-industrial type business. The study has deemed that the business park can foster non- industrial business, our next step will be to approach investors. Significant time and marketing resources will be devoted to attracting new businesses.

  1. Coordinate and host meeting or business socials to explore other opportunities on expansion in our Sunrise Gateway Business Park or other areas in Northern Sunrise County.
  2. Determine viability of trade and investments to attract new businesses or industries.
  3. Work with PREDA, NTAB and other alliances and be available for foreign or new industries tours of our county.
  4. Also work with our many other partners, local municipalities, industry stakeholders and businesses to ensure we foster a business friendly environment.
  5. Develop a business ready plan for new investors in the Sunrise Gateway Business Park. Providing new business affordable land and services, such as high-speed internet and work closely with them to ensure they all have an easy and good start.
  6. Entrepreneur Grant- This program provides County residents or existing County businesses with access to a business coach to provide mentorship and assistance in developing a business case for development, diversification and growth within Northern Sunrise County.
  7. Value-Added Agricultural and Tourism Grant. This $20,000 grant provided  landowners financial assistance to develop or expand their business in the value-added or tourism industry. Two $20,000 grants available every year, intake is from May 15- June 15. Contact Lynn for more information.

Assist in presenting a business case for locating in Northern Sunrise County
• Joint presentations to clients

Provide linkage to development and building permit process
• Identify issues, needs, and initiate provision of background information
• Assistance with development permits
• No business license required
• Arrange joint meetings with County representatives and business client

Market research data for business plans, including:
• Demographics and statistics
• GIS mapping services

Are there any government grants available?
• While there is a possibility, most "grants" (in other words, financial assistance that is not repaid) often target specific clients with criteria you must meet to qualify. As a rule, there are no "grant programs" to assist with general small business start-up. Refer to the Business Link's website for the truth on government grants and a listing and click on Federal Provincial Grant.

Work-sharing Program is an adjustment program offered through the Government of Canada designed to help Employers avoid layoffs when there is a temporary reduction in the normal level of business activities that is beyond the control of the employer.

Alberta Innovates support builds research capacity, innovation culture, talent supply and research infrastructure. The competitive funding opportunities and supports that we provide assist our clients in moving ideas to commercialization or use. Industry growth funding and grant programs support the development and delivery of innovations that meet industries’ “pull” for practical solutions to their biggest challenges. Through these solutions, Alberta Innovates helps establish, sustain and grow industry in the province.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership   In Alberta, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership represents a federal - provincial investment of $406 million in strategic programs and initiatives for the agricultural sector. In consultation with stakeholders, programs were developed under five themes: Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change; Products, Market Growth and Diversification; Science and Research; Risk Management; and Public Trust.

Alberta Enterprise Corporation promotes the development of Alberta’s venture capital industry by investing in venture capital funds that finance early-stage technology companies. We focus on funds that have a strong commitment to Alberta – including a full-time presence in the province. In addition to capital, we support Alberta’s venture capital ecosystem by connecting investors, entrepreneurs, and experienced technology executives who share our passion for building a bright, innovative Alberta.

Innovation Employment Grant  Innovation Employment Grant will encourage economic growth by supporting small and medium-sized businesses that invest in research and development (R&D) with a grant worth up to 20% of qualifying expenditures.


Northern Sunrise County is renowned in northwest Alberta for a reason - offering a highly desirable quality of life, with vibrant, welcoming communities surrounded by vast countryside. Northern Sunrise County welcomes new partners, investors and entrepreneurs. Invest in Northern Sunrise County and you will discover a host of opportunities for business development with a strong network of support.

Here's why...

  • A diverse economic portfolio with many pillars supporting growth.
  • Rich natural resources, including natural gas, natural gas liquids, oil, lumber, agricultural land and tourism.
  • Available work force can be found in and around Northern Sunrise County; a diversity of skilled and technical workers can be found and trained here in Northern Sunrise County.
  • High-speed internet access in our Sunrise Gateway Business Park.
  • Lots in the Sunrise Gateway Business Park are serviced with power, natural gas, water and sewers.
  • Excellent land availability and variety of land parcels.
  • Extremely well-priced land.
  • Business-friendly Council
  • 17,000 people within 45-minute drive.
  • Northern Sunrise County is central to other agricultural municipalities like MD of Smoky, Big Lakes County, MD of Peace, Northern Lights County and Mackenzie County.

Alberta advantage...

  • Lowest corporate tax rate in Canada.  Alberta is 23%.
  • No payroll taxes, sales taxes or capital taxes.
  • Cutting red tape and regulations to save time and support job creators.
  • Alberta is the only province in Canada that is rat free.
  • Alberta funds agricultural departments that work with all landowners to eliminate noxious weeds, crop pests and diseases.
  • Through 14 free trade agreements, Alberta has preferred market access  to 51 foreign countries. These agreements cover a market area of more than 1.5 billion potential consumers
  • customers.

Industries in NSC

Northern Sunrise County’s economy is built on the strongest drivers of Alberta’s Economy: oil and gas, forestry, agricultural and tourism. The County is comprised of more than 21,000 square kilometers of Albert’s finest wilderness and agricultural land over one of the provinces largest oil sands deposits. With an abundance of natural resources, a vibrant cultural heritage and a population of industrious and innovative people, Northern Sunrise County has established itself as a county open for business.

Northern Sunrise County does not issue business licenses and we are always working on our list of businesses in our County. Currently we have 244 businesses registered in our directory.

  • Combines
  • Logging
  • Pump Jacks