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Become a Paid-On-Call Firefighter

Northern Sunrise County Protective Services is actively recruiting paid-on-call firefighters for the St. Isidore/Three Creeks, Nampa and Harmon Valley Fire Halls. Please fill out the form below to apply now.
About Northern Sunrise County Protective Services

Established in 2010, Northern Sunrise County Protective Services provides fire and rescue services to the residents of Northern Sunrise County and the village of Nampa.

Fire Halls

Fire Department Responses / Incidents

Levels of Evacuation / Shelter-in-Place


Standard Operating Guidelines:
Northern Sunrise County Regional Protective Service is committed providing outstanding service to it's citizens. The Standard Operating Guidelines were developed to maintain the level of service.

Dangerous Goods Reporting:
In the event of an accidental release of dangerous goods, the person who has possession of the dangerous goods must make an immediate report of the release to the Fire Department. More information on Dangerous Goods and Rail Safety can be found on the Transportation Alberta website.

Fire Bylaws and Permits:
Visit our CivicWeb Portal to view our County bylaws.
Fire permits are free, and are available at the County office.

RCMP Crime Map:
You can view the Northern Sunrise County & Area RCMP Crime Map on our website.

Businesses Receive Fire Services Recognition Awards

What if you called for help and no one came? Without the volunteer men and women fire fighters and the support of local business that allow their staff to respond during working hours, there would be no one to help. Thank you to all businesses who employ our volunteer firefighters.

Fire Services Recognition Awards