Public Hearing Notice

Jennifer RegalArchived

Pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, being Section 674(1), notice is hereby given that the Council of Northern Sunrise County will be holding a public hearing prior to the removal and disposal of the following seven municipal reserve lots:

SW-15-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121430; Block 1; Lot 1MR, NE-10-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121430; Block 1; Lot 12MR, NW-11-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121420; Block 5; Lot 62MR, SW-10-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121430; Block 7; Lot 75MR, SW-11-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121420; Block 9; Lot 82MR, Block 10; Lot 97MR, and SW-2-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121420; Block 12; Lot 103MR

The Public Hearing will be held on June 23, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. in the Council Chamber at the Northern Sunrise County office. Information regarding this proposed removal of designation and disposal may be viewed at the Northern Sunrise County office during regular work hours or on the Northern Sunrise County website at

Due to the current restrictions in place for Covid-19 attendance in person at the Public Hearing is not possible. Please forward any written submissions or requests to participate virtually during the Public Hearing to the Development Officer no later than noon on Friday, June 19, 2020 via email at or fax at (780)624-0023. If you have any questions regarding the hearing please call the County office at (780)624-0013.