Masks for Albertans

Amber HouleAnnouncements, Archived

On June 8, the Government of Alberta began distributing non-medical face masks to Albertans as part of its COVID-19 relaunch strategy.
This is a Government of Alberta program. Distribution partners are supporting the Alberta government to help provide masks to those who can’t access a drive-thru so as many Albertans as possible can safely get their masks while maintaining physical distancing.

  • The masks are not mandatory; they are an option for situations where maintaining a physical distance of two meters is not possible.
  • These are non-medical face masks and are suitable for use in situations like public transit and grocery shopping.
  • Every Albertan is eligible for an allotment of four masks. Visit for more information.

If you live in Northern Sunrise County and would like masks for you and your family members CLICK HERE for office locations and pick-up times.