June 23, 2020 Council Meeting Highlights

Jocelyn GagnonArchived, Council Highlights


At the regular Council meeting held on June 23, 2020, Administration was directed to:

  • Proceed with the advancement of $1.255M to the Peace Regional Waste Management Company to finance their Waste to Energy Pilot project less any funding they secure through the existing intercompany facility.
  • Send a letter to Highwood Oil Company granting their request to defer 50% of their total 2020 property tax from June 30, 2020 to August 31, 2020.
  • Enter into the updated Assessment Review Board Joint Regional Agreement with Clear Hills County, the Town of Peace River, the Village of Hines Creek and the Village of Nampa and appoint Carolyn Kolebaba as the Chair of the Assessment Review Board.
  • Arrange for a gift of appreciation for Constable Roxanne Noss for her service to Northern Sunrise County.
  • Move forward with the removal of the Municipal Reserve designation from lots SW-15-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121430; Block 1; Lot 1MR, NE-10-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121430; Block 1; Lot 12MR, NW-11-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121420; Block 5; Lot 62MR, SW-10-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121430; Block 7; Lot 75MR, SW-11-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121420; Block 9; Lot 82MR, Block 10; Lot 97MR, and SW-2-86-14-W5M; Plan 8121420; Block 12; Lot 103MR.
  • Request the Registrar remove the designation of Municipal Reserve from the lots to allow the lands to become part of the proposed lands for the Lubicon Lake Band #453.
  • Submit the completed survey on Freedom to Care Exemptions to Regulations for Non-Profits to Alberta Community and Social Services.
  • Send a letter to the Minister of Agriculture regarding the lack of producer and Agricultural Service Board consultation in the deregulation of Fusarium graminearum from the Pest and Nuisance Control Regulation (184/2001).

Council signed the Alberta Citizens: Advocating for Victims of Crime in Alberta petition. Members of Council wishing to individually sign the petition may do so.

Council approved Development Permit application 20-18 for Murphy’s Flats Day Use Area Phase 1 within SE-1-82-23-W5M.


  • Council gave second and third reading to Bylaw B372/20 for the purpose of redistricting approximately 16 acres of SE-6-83-20-W5M from Agricultural District into one 6 acre portion for Rural Industrial Use and one 10 acre portion for Country Residential use.
  • Council gave first and second reading to Bylaw B378/20 Fire Services Bylaw. Third reading of the Bylaw will be requested at the July 14, 2020 regular Council meeting.
  • Council gave first reading to Bylaw B379/20 Prohibited and Noxious Species. A Public Hearing for the Bylaw has been scheduled for July 14, 2020 at 11:30 a.m.


  • Ryan Konowalyk with Alberta Transportation provided an update on Highway 744 (Judah Hill)

Upcoming Council Meetings:

  • July 14 and July 28 regular Council Meetings at 9:30 a.m.  As the provincial limitations of 2 metre physical distancing remain in effect, all upcoming Council meetings will continue to be held electronically via Zoom.  To access electronic Council meetings, please do the following:
    • Scroll down and click on Go To Civicweb Portal on the Council meeting Agendas and Minutes box.
    • Follow the instructions listed in the Electronic Council Meetings information box on the page.