December 13, 2022 Council Meeting Highlights

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At the regular Council meeting held on December 13, 2022, Administration was directed to:

  • Send a letter to NAV Canada requesting information regarding the lack of lighting on the new communications towers in the County.
  • Sign the December 15, 2022, Heart River Housing Letter of Understanding.
  • Send the information package from Heart River Housing regarding their housing project to MLAs Williams and Rehn.
  • Send a letter to the Premier of Alberta regarding the County’s concerns about the discontinuation of the air ambulance service at the Spirit River Airport.
  • Send a letter to the Minister of Health regarding the County’s concerns about the Community Lab Services transition from Alberta Precision Laboratories to DynaLIFE Medical Labs.

Council adopted the 2023 Provisional Operating and Capital Budgets as presented.  Passing of the provisional budgets allows Administration to begin work on 2023 capital projects as well as maintain operations.  The final budget will be passed in April 2023.  Included in this year’s capital budget are the following projects:

  • Ongoing drainage project works totaling – ~ $1.5Million
  • Agricultural Services Shop – $2.7Million.

In addition, the capital budget includes replacement equipment and vehicles for Public Works and the Agricultural Services departments, as well as road maintenance, including re-graveling in the Harmon Valley/Reno areas and bridge file maintenance/replacement.

The quarterly County newsletter will continue to provide updates on individual projects that are over $1.5 million.

Council appointed Alan Down to the position of County Assessor as per Bylaw B214/12 County Assessor Bylaw effective January 3, 2023.

Council completed the 2022 Rural Municipalities of Alberta Member Survey.

Council recognized the following staff for their years of service to the County at the Long Service Awards presentation:

  • 5 Years – Mélanie Lavoie
  • 5 Years – Olive Toews
  • 10 Years – Amber Houle
  • 10 Years & Retirement – Rod Guttinger


  • Glenda Farnden with STARS provided a presentation on their operations.
  • Lindsay Pratt with Heart River Housing provided a presentation regarding the Heart River Housing capital requisition.

Donations and Sponsorships:

  • $2,365 to Le Café du Coin in support of their lunch program operations.
  • $2,500 to the Alberta Pond Hockey Association for the Alberta Pond Hockey Championship March 10-12, 2023, in Lac Cardinal, AB.

Upcoming Council Meetings:

  • January 10 & 24, 2023, regular Council Meetings at 9:30 a.m. in the Northern Sunrise County Council Chamber.

Council meetings will also be available for virtual attendance. 

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