Christmas Gift Card Program

Amber Houle Current

Nampa/Northern Sunrise County Community Services is once again organizing the Christmas Gift Card Program
to help families in need during the Christmas Holidays.

If you are in need of help or know someone who does visit or call your local Nampa/Northern Sunrise County Family
and Community Support Services (FCSS) office to recommend someone or to find out how you can participate in our
confidential Christmas Gift Card Program.
Christmas Gift Card Program Application Poster

Would you like to help make Christmas brighter for those who need some extra help? If so, please visit or call your local
Nampa/Northern Sunrise County Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) office. Your donation will be used to
assist a family in need this Christmas Season.
Christmas Gift Card Program Donation Poster

The deadline for applications, nominations, and donations is December 14, 2018

For more information on the Christmas Gift Card Program please call Amber Houle at 780-625-3287 or email