Wheels to Meals Program

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Nampa/Northern Sunrise County FCSS will be launching the Wheels to Meals program on March 18, 2019. The program will be offered every Monday (excluding Statutory Holidays and the 2nd Monday of the Month due to not having Community Van Service) at the Harmon Valley Hall. Participants will be provided with a hot meal and will be given the option to purchase take home meals. Take home meals must be pre-ordered with the Wheels to Meals Coordinator a week in advance.
In addition to the meals, participants will receive access to health & wellness information, information on regional services and programs, recreational opportunities, and fellowship.

Wheels to Meals Program Poster

Wheels to Meals Program Pamphlet

To arrange for a ride on the Community Van or for more information on the Wheels to Meals Program, call the Supervisor of Community Services at 780-625-3287 or email ahoule@northernsunrise.net