ROAD BANS APRIL 25 2022 AT 8:00 A.M.

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Order by the Chief Administrative Officer of Northern Sunrise County

Highway Order No. 22-01 Defining Maximum Allowable Weights permitted on certain County Roads.

Pursuant to the Authority granted by the Minister of Transportation under the Traffic Safety Act, the Chief Administrative Officer orders that effective APRIL 25, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. the percentages of axle weights for County Roads are as followed:

Highway #LocationPercentage of Axle Weight
LocalTownship Road 840 from HWY 688 going East100%
LocalTownship Road 822 from Range Road 185 going East100%
LocalSunrise Road100%
LocalRange Road 204 from Hwy 688 to St. Isidore going South90%
LocalRange Road 204 from the Hamlet of St. Isidore going South to North Harmon Valley Road75%
LocalTownship Road 820 from HWY 2 to Range Road 185 going East75%
LocalHaig Lake Road75%
LocalAll other paved and gravel roads75%

Road Bans may change on short notice, depending on weather conditions.

This order rescinds Highway Order No. 21-02 and shall remain in effect until further notice.

For further information call the County office at (780) 624-0013, Fax (780) 624-0023.

Cindy Millar,

Chief Administrative Officer