NSC Boards & Committees Vacancies

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Northern Sunrise County invites any of its residents and business owners who are interested in becoming a Board/Committee member to submit their names for a position on the following boards, commissions, and committees:

  • Agricultural Service Board (1 Vacancy)
  • Intermunicipal Weed & Pest Appeal Board (2 Vacancies)
  • Nampa/Northern Sunrise County Family and Community Support Services (1 Vacancy for Ward 2 – Nampa Rural District and 1 Vacancy for Ward 6 – Little Buffalo.)
  • Municipal Planning Commission (2 Vacancies)
  • Northern Sunrise County Watershed Advisory Committee (2 Vacancies)
  • Regional Assessment Review Board (2 Vacancies)

Applicants must be residents or business owners of Northern Sunrise County.

Click here for the application form. Deadline to submit applications is November 13, 2020.

Please direct applications and inquiries to:

Jocelyn Gagnon
Executive Assistant
Phone: 780-624-0013