Internet speed test

Internet Speed Test for Northern Sunrise County

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Today, high-speed connection to the Internet is vital for safety, education and growth. The Northern Sunrise County council needs your help in bringing broadband to our community. We need to know the network quality in your home or business.

Please go online, to this web address:

Click on START. 30 seconds and it’s done. Your privacy will be protected. Take the test as often as you like. This will give us the facts we need to make a network plan and get funding to build it. Help out your community, and your quality of life! Help us get connected to the online global community!

What is the Internet Performance Test?

A free tool that measures your Internet speed and service quality and gathers the results

  • It helps plan broadband service for your region
  • Developed by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) and applied in partnership with i-Valley, a not-for-profit ‘smart region’ creator

Why participate?

Participating will ensure that the Internet speed and quality needs of your area will be known for planning purposes. You will help the county obtain a neutral view to be used as evidence of the needs of the entire region, for applications for network funding.

What is required?

Just go to this link and click on the “START” button. In 30 seconds, the test will be done.

  • Take the test as often as possible, to show how results vary over time.Those without any Internet connection can go to a connected facility, browse to the IPT Web site, and click on “If you wish to inform us of a location without internet access, click here.”  You will then have the opportunity to place a pin on the map.
  • Note: When taking the test, do not enter your postal code  –  locations are determined automatically.

Is my information shared with other organizations?

  • Your information is secure and private.
  • A representation of the speed in your area will appear as a colour-coded reference on a map of the region, visible to you on the Test web site.

Thank you for taking the Internet Performance Test and helping our region plan for inclusive broadband service!