Community Volunteer Income Tax Program

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Need assistance with filing your taxes? If eligible, Nampa/Northern Sunrise County FCSS is here to help!

Eligibility for the CVITP (based on 2023 tax slips) is determined based on household income:

Single person – up to $35,000
Couple – up to $45,000 combined
One adult with one child – up to $37,000
For each additional child – $2,500 additional income

To qualify for the Nampa/Northern Sunrise County Community Services Volunteer Income Tax Program you must be a resident of Northern Sunrise County or the Village of Nampa and you cannot:
1.Be self employed or have employment expenses
2. Have business income and expenses (if less than $1000 there may be an exception, please inquire)
3. Have rental income
4. Have interest income over $1,000. Have capital gains or losses
6. Have filed for bankruptcy
7. File for a deceased person.

Book an appointment and bring in your tax slips and forms between
March 4, 2024 – April 26, 2024 to either the Northern Sunrise County Administration office or to your local Nampa/Northern Sunrise County FCSS Office.

  • This service will be by appointment only. Walk-ins will not be accepted.
  • You must have all your slips ready
  • Government issued ID MUST be shown
  • Those completing your returns are NOT tax professionals

For the program poster click here

Low or no income? There are benefits to filing your taxes! 

For Families

  • Federal Child Tax Benefit (up to $500/month/child);
  • Provincial Child Tax Benefit (up to $200/month/child);
  • Universal Child Care Benefits.

For Everyone

  • Carbon Tax Rebate;
  • GST/HST Refunds;
  • Medication Payment Assistance;
  • Provincial Medical Premium Assistance.

For Seniors

  • Old Age Security;
  • Nursing Home, Community, or Rental Living Support.

For Students

  • Education Tax Credits and Deductions;
  • Student Loan Interest Deduction.