Road Ban Removal Order Effective May 9, 2023

Kandice RopsonArchived

Order by the Chief Administrative Officer of Northern Sunrise County

Highway Order No. 23-02 Defining Maximum Allowable Weights permitted on certain County Roads.

Pursuant to the Authority granted by the Minister of Infrastructure & Transportation under the Traffic Safety Act, the Chief Administrative Officer Orders that effective May 9, 2023, at 8:00 A.M. the percentages of axle weights for County Roads are as follows:

Highway #LocationPercentage of Axle Weight
LocalTownship Road 840 from HWY 688 going East100%
LocalTownship Road 822 from Range Road 185 going East100%
LocalSunrise Road100%
LocalRange Road 204 from Hwy 688 to St. Isidore going South100%
LocalRange Road 204 from the Hamlet of St. Isidore going South to North Harmon Valley Road100%
LocalTownship Road 820 from HWY 2 to Range Road 185 going East100%
LocalHaig Lake Road100%
LocalAll other paved and gravel roads100%

Road Bans may change on short notice, depending on weather conditions.

This order rescinds Highway Order No. 23-01 and shall remain in effect until further notice. For further

information call the County office at (780) 624-0013, Fax (780) 624-0023.

Cindy Millar,

Chief Administrative Officer