Business Directory

Brahma Compression

Contact: Jason Hryniuk
Home 840 Fairgrounds Rd. Peace River AB T8S 1Y9 Work Phone: 780-625-5960

Brian Steed Contracting Ltd.

Contact: Brian Steed
Work Box 6934 Peace River AB T8S 1S7 Work Phone: 780-618-9000

Bumper to Bumper

Contact: Ken Gour
Work 9706 100 Street Nampa AB T0H 2R0 Work Phone: 780-322-3798

Cadotte Store Ltd.

Contact: Harry Lee
Work Box 5205 Peace River AB T8S 1R8 Work Phone: 780-629-3992

Can Gas Propane Inc.

propane Contact: Blayne Antoniettie
Home Box 6449 Sunrise Gateway Business Park #30 Fairgrounds Road Northern Sunrise County Canada Peace River Alberta T8S 1S3 Canada Work Phone: 587-479-1234 Cell Phone: 780-518-8715 Website: CanGas Propane

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL)

Work 10014-99th St. Peace River AB T8S 1S8 Work Phone: 780-624-5300 Website: Canadian Natural

Captured Wishes

Contact: Marlene Massam
Work 82041 Hwy 744 Marie Reine AB Canada Work Phone: 780-618-5233

Cera Cattle Company

Contact: Claude Lavoie
Work Box 1128 St. Isidore AB T0H 3B0 Work Phone: 780-618-5337

Choice Investments

Contact: Richard Chailler
Home Phone: 780-402-9521

Chris Drost Consulting

Contact: Christ Drost
Work 9622 95th Ave Peace River AB T8S 1H9 Work Phone: 780-618-5994

CLC Carpentry

Contact: Chris Girard
Work Nampa AB T0H 3B0 Work Phone: 780-618-5400


Work Nampa AB T0H 2R0 Work Phone: 780-322-3777

Co-op Cardlock

Contact: Doug Allen
Work St. Isidore AB T5V 1M7 Work Phone: 780-624-3121

Cold Shot Parcel and Bus Services

Contact: Karen McPhee
Work Peace River AB Work Phone: 780-624-2558

Complete Pumpjack Services Ltd

Contact: Jeremy Ropson
Home Phone: 780-527-4993 Website: Complete Pumpjack Services

Complete Repair Services

Contact: Tom Kissick
Work Sunrise Business Park Peace River AB T8S 1R7 Work Phone: 780-624-7777

Conseil Scholaire Nord-Ouest No 1

Work 4 Bouchard Street Box 1220 St. Isidore AB T0H 3B0 Work Phone: 780-624-8855

Dale’s Carpentry

Contact: Dale Screpnek
Work Box 102 Nampa AB T0H 2R0 Work Phone: 780-322-3045

Darcy Underwood – Buffalo

Contact: Darcy Underwood
Home Phone: 780-618-7476

Daybreak Contracting

Contact: Rob Day
Work Box 489 Nampa AB T0H 2B0 Work Phone: 780-618-6086