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Black Gold Drilling

Work Box 480 Nampa AB T0H 2R0 Canada Work Phone: (780) 322-2123 Website: Black Gold Drilling


Clarence bought his first water truck in 1979, and his first seismic rig in 1981. Al Borsiuk was his first driller and Clarence was his helper. Clarence ran the rig like that for a couple years until he bought his second rig, and that’s when Clarence started drilling on his own. Roberta came into his life in 1984, and from there the company and estate has grown to what it is now… Black Gold Farms (1981) Ltd., and Black Gold Drilling. The company name came from a canola seed and oil called Black Gold, because it was worth something in them days.

The company now has 3 Nodwell Drills, 1 Wheeled Drill, 1 6X6 Wheeled Drill, 1 Buggy Drill, 2 LIS Bombi Drills, 3 Water Bombis, 2 Water Trucks, 1 6X6 Water Truck, 2 Morooka Water Tracs, and a Truck & Trailer.

The company employs 3 year round employees, and approximately 15 ­ 20 seasonal employees. Our work is but not limited to: winter and some summer seismic drilling, water hauling, trucking, forest fire protection, and gravel haul.