Job Opportunities

This page consolidates the current job postings, RFPs and tenders requested by Northern Sunrise County. For more information about any of the opportunities described below, please use the contact information provided within each listing.

RFPs and Tenders

Northern Sunrise County (NSC) requires the services of one or more Contractors for work related to County water, wastewater, recreation, administrative and shop facilities. These projects may include maintenance, reconstruction, renovation, new construction and other building/facility project related work.

More Information

Northern Sunrise County (NSC) requires the services of a Contractor for the provision of additional Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) and Recreation Programming in Little Buffalo for the residents of Little Buffalo. The programming is to be offered to the community as a whole. The contractor will be responsible for all aspects of this programming including formulating an overall strategy of programming, delivering non-event programming, organizing and hosting events, and reporting results achieved to the County.

More Information