Building and Development

With an abundance of natural resources, a vibrant cultural heritage, and a population of industrious and innovative people, Northern Sunrise County has established itself as a county open for business. Alberta’s four strongest economic drivers can all be found in Northern Sunrise County.

Whether that be oil and gas, forestry, agriculture or tourism, you will find it all here. In addition we have a number of francophone communities that offer the visitor a chance to experience Canada's true bilingual nature. Our county sits to the east of the mighty Peace River. Here you will find more than 21,000 square kilometers of Alberta’s finest wilderness and agricultural land. Northern Sunrise County also sits atop one of the province’s largest oilsands deposits. Our regions agricultural producers range from beef producers to honey producers, from oats to timothy. And in line with the provincial government’s mandate to increase value-added agriculture, we have a number of agricultural industries with the potential to develop more. Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, and nowhere is that more true than in Northern Alberta. Our vast unspoiled wilderness, our wildlife, clean, pure water and wide open sky are hard to compare.

If you are interested in pursuing opportunities in Northern Sunrise County, contact us or call our office at 780-624-0013.