About The County

Incorporation History: April 1, 1994 (Municipal District from Improvement District)
July 10, 2002 (name changed from Municipal District of East Peace No. 131 to Northern Sunrise County)
Location: The Northern Sunrise County Administration Building is located approximately 492 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, and approximately 8 kilometres southeast of Peace River, at the junction of Highway 2 and Sunrise Road.
Population: 2013 Municipal Census- 2,525 (including a shadow population of 592)
Area of Municipality: 21,141 square kilometres (8,163 square miles)
Length of Municipal Roads: 1,158 kilometres
Number of Dwelling Units: 866
Hamlets: St. Isidore
Marie Reine
Cadotte Lake
Little Buffalo

Northern Sunrise County surrounds the Village of Nampa, which is its own incorporated municipality. More information about the Village of Nampa can be found on their website at www.nampa.ca.