Protective Services

Fire Services Bylaw

Fire Services Bylaw

Hazardous Materials Spills

 Under the bylaw, any dangerous goods spills that falls under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods reportable guidelines, must be reported to the fire department.  This will ensure the safety of residents and protection of our environment.

For a copy of the bylaw you can contact the county office or by clicking the link below.

Bylaw B304/17-Fire Services Bylaw

Become a Firefighter

Northern Sunrise County is always recruiting for volunteer firefighters to aid in the operations of St.Isidore/ Three Creeks, Nampa and Harmon Valley Fire Stations.
For information on joining the Fire Department, call 780-624-8323.

Fire permits are required all year

Fire permits are required year round within the non fores protection area of Northern Sunrise County. This will cut down on the number of false alarms, help prevent smoke complaints and help prevent fire flare ups in the spring from winter burns.

Fire permits are free, and are available at the County office.
If you have any questions please contact the County office at (780) 624-0013

In the Community

Businesses Receive Fire Services Recognition Awards
What if you called for help and no one came?

Without the volunteer men and women fire fighters and the support of local business that allow their staff to respond during working hours, there would be no one to help. Thank you to all businesses who employ our volunteer firefighters.