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A fire restriction is now in effect for the non-Forest Protection Area of Northern Sunrise County due to high fire hazard.


·         All outdoor wood fires are banned on public lands, including backcountry and random camping areas.
·         The use of fireworks and exploding targets are also prohibited.
·         No new fire permits will be issued

·         Safe wood campfires (including charcoal briquettes) on private lands and in campgrounds.
·         Backyard fire pits, charcoal briquette barbeques.
·         Propane/ natural gas powered appliances.
·         Indoor wood fires contained within a device with a chimney and spark arrestor.
·         Use of burn barrels that are in good condition, have an expanded metal lid, and placed within a 1 meter non combustible ground perimeter
·         Cooking, warming and lighting devices – all devices must be CSA approved and used as per manufacturer’s standards.
·         Use of Off Highway Vehicles (OHV)

The fire restriction will remain in effect until conditions improve. For more information, visit