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T: 780-322-3831 | F: 780-322-3000 | Email:  agservices@northernsunrise.net
Address:  10203 - 101 Avenue (Railway), Nampa AB, T0H 2R0

The Agricultural Services Department provides residents with a range of information and services aimed at protecting and enhancing agriculture and rural living within Northern Sunrise County.

A few of the services offered include:

Agricultural Services Department


Weed & Pest Inspection (WAPI)

The weed and pest inspection crew are assigned to work in the Non-Forestry and Forestry zones within the County to inspect and monitor weed and  pest infestations and communicate with residents about their findings.
The vegetation crew ensure that the County's vegetation is maintained which includes pest and weed control, road side mowing and brushing, road side seeding and ditch clean up.


Public Area Maintenance Services (PAMS)

The parks and public area maintenance crew maintain public areas all year round.  During the winter season they ensure that all trails are kept clear of snow and ice by plowing,  removal of snow and sanding walking trails & recreation facilities.  During the spring and summer season the crew keep trails clean and manicured for the public's enjoyment.

Labourers Assigned Diverse Duties (LADD)

The labourer crew assist all other crews where needed as well and assist with tent set up and tear down for functions in the County.


Northern Sunrise County is vast in size, covering an area of approximately 2.2 million hectares (5.5 million acres)

Western to Eastern boundary: from the Peace and Smoky Rivers on the west side to approximately 19 km east of Red Earth Creek.

Southern to Northern boundary: from 11 km south of Nampa (in the SW corner) and 38 km north of Slave Lake (in the SE corner) to 128 km north of the Town of Peace River to the north end of the 96th Township.

Farming Area:  approximately 350,000 acres (140,000 hectares)

Forested Area: very active with oil, gas and forestry activities

Population: approxiamately 2,500

Most residents are located in the "farming area", however, we have pockets of people living in Cadotte Lake and Atikameg.


What is the Agricultural Services Department?
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Agricultural Reports - Provincial

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Crop   Pest
2017 - Alberta Crop Reports  
2017 - Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network
    2017 - Prairie Pest Monitoring Newwork
Alberta Weed Monitoring Network    

Crop and Insect Pest and Weed reports are generated from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network, Prairie Pest Monitoring Network and Alberta Weed Monitoring Network