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Alberta is a beautiful place, so it's no big question why legislation has long been in place to protect its valuable assets from invasive species.

Plants are designated as weeds due to their invasive growth habit, lack of palatability to livestock and their ability to outcompete agricultural crops.
Many of the weeds that are of concern started out in people's flower beds, escaped as ornamentals and due to their invasive nature and lack of native pests they became a problem.  While all weeds in the Weed Control Regulation should be controlled some weeds are more common in this County, namely;

  • Prohibited Noxious:  Scentless Chamomile, Himalayan Balsam, Spotted Knapweed, Orange Hawkweed
  • Noxious: Canada Thistle, Common Tansy, Dame's Rocket, Oxeye Daisy, Tall Buttercup, Toadflax, Perennial Sowthistle, White Cockle

*Scentless Chamomile is designated as a Prohibited Noxious weed in Northern Sunrise County Bylaw No. B188/11


Reminder to all County Residents

If you have Scentless Chamomile  that you would like to dispose of, you can bring it to the Agricultural Services Department in Nampa to be incinerated.

Please call before you drop it off to make sure someone is at the building to assist you.

Weed Control Act of Alberta
1865 Canada Thistle Act of Upper Canada
1907 Noxious Weeds Act
1972 Alberta Weed Act
2010 Alberta Weed Act (most recent version)

Weed Designation

Countless hours of research in regards to weeds has been done, that has helped classify weeds by the threat they pose to us.  There are two weed designations under the Alberta Weed Control Act;  The weeds designated as noxious and prohibited noxious under the Alberta Weed Control Act spread rapidly and can outgrow native species resulting in an impact on natural environments.

In 2010, several plants were added to the noxious and prohibited noxious weeds list under the Alberta Weed Control Act, including a number of invasive ornamentals.  Many of the new species can  be found growing in flower beds or gardens.

Regulated weeds most likely to be found within the County

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Scentless ChamomileProhibited Noxious

(Image: Scentless Chamomile)

These weeds pose a serious threat to agriculture and the environment and as such, must be eradicated.  These weeds are capable of very rapid spread, are extremely competitive and can quickly destroy native vegetation and crops.  Prohibited Noxious weeds must be destroyed by eradicating all growing parts of the plant or to render the reproductive mechanisms unviable.  These weeds can be destroyed by hand pulling, cultivation or mowing followed by an application of an appropriate herbicide.  Dispose of prohibited noxious and noxious weeds in a manner that will prevent spread of the seeds.

Dame's RocketNoxious

(Image: Dame's Rocket)
These weeds are highly invasive, can pose a significant threat to agriculture and the environment.  They can quickly out compete native vegetation and crops.  Many noxious weeds are also toxic to domestic animals and wildlife.  Noxious weeds must be controlledNoxious weeds must be controlled to prevent the spread of seeds and prevent the plants from becoming established.  They can be controlled by hand pulling, mowing, cultivating or spraying them with an appropriate herbicide.

Protecting what we have...

Weed control is necessary, even on small infestations, in order to prevent them from spreading and becoming more difficult to control.  We encourage you to review the weed fact sheets at www.abinvasives.ca, and consider one or more of the control options provided.  Fact sheets provide more information about individual invasive species; they contain information on impacts, origin, habitat, regulatory status, identification, prevention and control options.

Weeds listed as "Prohibited Noxious" and "Noxious" are regulated under the Alberta Weed Control Act.  "Prohibited Noxious" weeds must be destroyed and "Noxious" weeds must be controlled.

Weeds listed as "uncatergorized" with an asterisk have been proposed for addition to the Alberta Weed Control Act and are awaiting approval by the Minister.

Landowner Responsibility

We all have a vested interest in controlling these weeds, and all landowners are responsible for taking action to ensure weed populations are controlled and do not increase.  Noxious weeds will continue to spread unless we collectively make a concerted effort to control them.  Mandatory work by all landowners is the most effective way to stop the spread of these plants.

Let Us Help

Weed control can be a daunting task.  Northern Sunrise County recognizes this, which is why we have put a few programs in place to assist landowners.

Fenceline Agreement 
An agreement between the County and landowner that allows us to spray regulated weeds found along the property edge and Municipal Right of Way.
Free of Charge

Private Land Agreement
An agreement between the County and landowner that allows us to spray up to 2 acres of regulated weeds found within landowner's property.
Free of Charge

Authorization Release
A release from the landowner that permits the County to relay information about the property to their renter / leaseholder.

Annual Spray Exemption
On occasion certain landowners may wish to opt out of the County's spray program; in this instance an Annual Spray Exemption form must be filled out.

Forms Worth Completing
Private Land Agreement / Fenceline Agreement
Assist with controlling brush for sightlines, drainage, etc.
Authorization to relay Information to renters/leaseholders
Opting out of County's Spray Program

Identification Guide

(Acknowledgement: Wheatland County)

Report a Weed

If you have questions or concerns regarding the Alberta Weed Control Act or for assistance with weed identification contact:

T: 780-322-3831
F: 780-322-3000
E: agservices@northernsunrise.net 

Weed Reporting is confidential

  • The Alberta Ag-Info Centre | 310-FARM or 310-3276
  • Northern Sunrise County Agricultural Services Department | 780-322-3831
  • The Alberta Invasive Species Council www.abinvasives.ca/
  • Alberta Native Plant Council www.anpc.ab.ca/

Apps for Identifying Weeds

AAAF – Regulated Weeds, Fieldman contact info., Report a weed.

AB Weed Spotter – Regulated Weeds in Alberta & look-alikes, Report a weed.

Weed Inspectors

Under the Alberta Weed Control Act the County must employ weed inspectors to inspect all land within our jurisdiction.  Inspectors will attempt to make contact with residents when possible.  Once appointed, inspectors have the legal right to enter on any land provided it is during reasonable hours.  A person shall not willfully obstruct an inspector as this is an offence that is finable under the Act.

In 2017, inspections will be conducted on all reasonably accessible lands throughout Northern Sunrise County.  Weed Inspectors will be following a similar rotation to the Integrated Weed Management program.  Click here to view a inspection map with probable dates they will be in the selected areas for inspections.

Inspection Tools & Other Information

Inspection Flowchart

Click on the diagram below for a PDF copy

Inspection Matrix

Click on the diagram below for a PDF copy

Inspection Report

Once a property has been inspected a report is made.  This report includes property owner, legal land description, inspection notes and if any regulated weeds are found, they are marked out in a orange polygon (shape) which highlights the location(s) of weeds found within the property.



Agricultural Reports

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