Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Department operates within Northern Sunrise County’s Municipal Development Plan which has been adopted by Council to establish a long term framework and policy direction with regards to future land use, growth patterns, infrastructure provision, and transportation within Northern Sunrise County. The Municipal Development Plan provides Council, administration residents and developers with a cohesive framework to guide local decision making that is consistent with the County’s long term vision. Specifically, the plan was developed to:
(1) Protect the County’s better agricultural land and rural character.
(2) Guide future land use, infrastructure and development related policy decisions in a manner that reflects the County’s priorities for future growth.
(3) Support and promote the County’s natural assets and tourism potential by protecting, promoting and enhancing its environmentally sensitive areas and open spaces.
(4) Promote residential, commercial and industrial growth that adheres to sustainable and efficient development practices and standards.
(5) Establish protocol through which the County will coordinate with municipal neighbours to identify and promote areas to support long term growth in the Peace Region.
Land Use Bylaw
All developments must be completed in accordance with Northern Sunrise County’s Land Use Bylaw. Please consult this document for more information.
Looking to develop in Northern Sunrise County?
  1. Consult with your Municipal Development Officer
  2. Complete and submit the application (download the form here)
  3. a) The application is accepted
b) If the application is refused, an appeal can be made to the Development and Subdivision Appeal Board within 14 days of the decision. If the appeal is denied, an application may be made to the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal on a question of law or jurisdiction within 30 days.
  1. After the development permit is granted, other permits may be required before processing.
For more information on obtaining a development permit, subdividing land or changing the use of your property, contact Development Officer, Jennifer Regal at (780) 625-3284.