Owners and Assessors Rights

This explains in detail the rights of both the owner and the assessor. Should you have any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us at the County office.

Rights of the Property Owners:

Access to Assessment Information
An assessed person is entitled to see or receive information about their property and other similar properties.  This information is available at Northern Sunrise County's office.

What if I have questions about my assessment?
If you have any questions or concerns about your property assessment, please contact 780-624-0013.  You may be able to resolve your concern without filing a complaint form.

How Do I Make a Complaint?
Your official completed complaint form, agent authorization form, attachments (if any) and the required fee must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on the deadline date as indicated on your Combined Assessment and Tax Notice at the following address:
Northern Sunrise County
Clerk of the Assessment Review Board
Bag 1300
Peace River AB  T8S 1Y9
You must file a separate complaint form and pay the required fee for each assessment in dispute.

Please be advised that the Assessment Review Board will not hear any matters or reasons that are not clearly described on the complaint form.

There is an appeal fee of:
  • $25.00 / parcel for residential and farmland properties
  • $100.00 / parcel for industrial or commercial properties
Linear property complaints are dealt with by Alberta Municipal Affairs or the Municipal Government Board.

Rights of the Assessor:

The Assessor is bound by a Professional Code of Ethics and gets his authority from the Municipal Government Act.

Can a property owner refuse entry to an assessor?
Yes, however, Sec. 295 may apply to you,  the assessor still has to make an assessment so it is not in the Owners' best interest to refuse entry to an assessor.

Sec. 295(1) of the Municipal Government Act states that:

Duty to provide information
295(1) A person must provide, on request by the assessor, any information necessary for the assessor to prepare an assessment or determine if property is to be assessed.
A person failing to do so could lose their right to appeal.