2018 Shelterbelt Program – Orders Ready for Pick-up Friday, June 1st

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Seedling orders will be ready for pickup on Friday, June 1st  from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at NSC Agricultural Services Department in Nampa.

Northern Sunrise County – Agricultural Services Department

10203 Railway Ave, Nampa, AB T0H 2R0

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After receiving orders for some 10,000 seedlings – the 2018 Shelterbelt Program is closed for the season. 

Yes, TEN THOUSAND seedlings have been requested!  

WOW – way to go Northern Sunrise County residents!!  You have ensured the program has taken root and the Shelterbelt Program will be returning in 2019!

We, NSC and Woodmere Nursery, will make every effort to fulfill your seedling requests. Please be aware that due to the large order, this may present a challenge. We will be filling orders by the date in which the 2018 Shelterbelt Order Forms were received. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. You will be contacted when the seedlings are ready for their new homes.

Thank you for being stewards of our land and making a difference, one-tree-at-a-time! Amazing 🙂


Good news – Northern Sunrise County is bringing back the Shelterbelt Program!

The announcement that the federal government would be ending the Prairie Shelterbelt Program in 2013 caught many off guard. The program had provided free seedlings to farmers and rural landowners from its Indian Head nursery since 1901. Shelterbelt programs provide trees not only for field shelterbelts but also for farmyards, dugouts, livestock facilities, riparian areas, wildlife plantings, and conservation and reclamation projects.

Northern Sunrise County’s main objective is to provide residents with a range of information and services aimed at protecting and enhancing agriculture and rural living within our County. The reintroduction of a shelterbelt program in the area fits nicely with existing environmental programs, as demonstrated through their partnership with the Watershed Advisory Committee, ALUS Canada and local producers, municipalities and non-government organizations.

Peace country growers, Woodmere Nursery Ltd., will be supplying the shelterbelt program with a variety of tree species that are native to our area. Providing our residents with affordable seedlings is simply a great compliment to the County’s environmental commitments!

Let’s ensure the shelterbelt program takes root… place your order here 🙂

Program Details:

  • Orders will be accepted until May 15, 2018.
  • Northern Sunrise County will invoice you for your order.
  • You will be contacted when the seedlings are available for pick-up, typically the end of May; orders not picked up will be distributed at the ALUS Program Coordinator’s discretion.
  • Although every effort will be made to fulfill order requests, Northern Sunrise County makes no guarantee that all seedlings will be available. We reserve the right to substitute species due to potential availability.
  • 10 seedlings per bundle; minimum order of one bundle; full bundle orders only.
  • $ 2.50 per bundle
  • Seedlings will be available for pickup at Northern Sunrise County, Agricultural Services located at 10203 101 Avenue, Nampa, AB, Phone 780-322-3831, Fax 780-322-3000, or agservices@northernsunrise.net.

For technical information please refer to the following websites: