Elections Update - August 16, 2017

County residents interested in running as a candidate in the upcoming election have an opportunity to attend training at four different locations in the province.   To find out more information about the training, please refer to the flyer.

Elections Update - July 10, 2017

 Candidate's Packages can be picked up at the County Administration Building located at 135 Sunrise Road or downloaded online.

Elections Update - May 31, 2017

Electoral Maps for the County are now available.  There are six wards within Northern Sunrise County.
  • Ward 1 - Reno/Harmon Valley
  • Ward 2 - Nampa Rural District
  • Ward 3 - Marie Reine/Judah
  • Ward 4 - St. Isidore
  • Ward 5 - Three Creeks/Wesley Creek
  • Ward 6 - Cadotte Lake/Little Buffalo
The County electoral map is also provided for information.



Interested in becoming an elected official with Northern Sunrise County?

The 2017 Municipal Elections are coming up later this year. If you are interested in running for the Council of Northern Sunrise County, we suggest that you take some time to review the Province of Alberta’s municipal election website.

     Nomination Day is September 18

    Election Day is October 16

As a potential candidate, you are responsible for understanding the requirements, legislation, and bylaws concerning the elections, including: candidate registration, nomination, eligibility, campaigning restrictions, campaign signs, election offences, and prohibitions at voting stations. This information can be reviewed in the Local Authorities Election Act. A copy of the Act can be accessed through the Alberta Queen’s Printer.

The County will continue to update the 2017 Municipal Election information as information becomes available.

Guide for Prospective Candidates (PDF)


In accordance with the changes to the Local Authorities Election Act, Northern Sunrise County will be maintaining a registry of individuals that intend to be candidates in future elections. This information, including your name, will be publicly disclosed on our website.

If you wish to run and intend to begin raising funds and receive donations for that purpose, they must be registered with the County under Section 147.21 of the Act before accepting any campaign contributions.

As a future candidate, you must disclose the intent to run by providing the following information using the form below:
  • Full name and address
  • Location(s) where records of the candidate are maintained, and where any communications may be  addressed.
  • Names and addresses of financial institutions to be used for the purpose of depositing campaign contributions
  • Names of the signing authorities for all institutions listed.

Changes to any of the information within the registry must be report to the County within 48 hours of the changes taking effect. These changes can be submitted by mail, fax, or email. Please be advised that the information contained within the directory is public.

Download Candidate Registration Form (PDF)

Women in Local Government "Ready for Her"

Are you a woman in Northern Sunrise County thinking about running in the upcoming 2017 Elections?  If so, please find out more about women in local government