Integrated Vegetation Management

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Integrated Vegetation Management for Municipal Roadways and Properties

Roadside mowing has now become a part of the Integrated Vegetation Management of weed species and will follow a yearly rotation.  To increase the County's efficiency and for landowners to receive the most benefit, the County strongly urges landowners to take a few minutes and register their land rental agreements with the Agricultural Services Department.  This will allow the County to contact and/or enter into an agreement with the current land user regarding weed and vegetation management concerns in a timely fashion.  The mowing program can assist the residents, once the forms are signed, to control weeds along the rights-of-way.  Programs are available FREE OF CHARGE  to assist with small areas and along the rights-of-way.

A map is provided with a probable date that the IVM crew will be in selected areas.

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Vegetation Management Release
The Vegetation Management Program was developed to assist landowners with controlling problem brush such as sightlines, drainage, etc.
Free of Charge

Authorization Release
A release from the landowner that permits the County to relay information about the property to the current renter / leaseholder.  Under the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Northern Sunrise County is unable to provide information to the renter without this release.

Annual Spray Exemption
On occasion certain landowners may wish to opt out of the County's spray program; in this instance an Annual Spray Exemption form must be filled out.

Forms Worth Completing
Assist with controlling brush for sightlines, drainage, etc.
Authorization to relay Information to current renters/leaseholders 
Opting out of the County's Spray Program

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View the photo gallery and see what the Integrated Vegetation Management crew do during the summer months in the County.