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Dangerous Goods Reporting
In the event of an accidental release of dangerous goods, the person who has possession of the dangerous goods must make an immediate report of the release  to the Fire Department. An immediate report is required when the quantities of dangerous goods released exceed the amounts set out in the following table. If you would like more information on Dangerous Goods regulations please refer to the link below.

Reporting an Accidental Release of Dangerous Goods
1 - Explosives Any quantity that:

a. Could pose a danger to public safety or 50kg;
b. Is included in 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 or 1.5 and is
i. Not subject to special provision 85 or 86 but exceeds 10kg net explosives quantity, or
ii. Subject to special provision 85 or 86 and the number or articles exceeds 1000.
2 - Gases Any quantity that could pose a danger to public safety or any sustained release of 10 minutes or more
3 - Flammable Liquids 200 l
4 - Flammable Solids 25 kg
5.1 - Oxidizing substances 50 kg or 50 l
5.2 - Organic Peroxides 1 kg or 1 l
6.1 - Toxic Substances 5 kg or 5 l
6.2 - Infectious Substances Any quantity
7 - Radioactive Materials Any quantity that could pose a danger to public safety; or an emission level greater than the level established in section 20 of the Packaging and Transport of Nuclear Substances Regulations.
8 - Corrosive Substances 5 kg or 5 l
9 - Miscelaneous Products, Substances or Organisms 25 kg or 25 l

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