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The Green Certificate Program
The Green Certificate Program is an industry driven agricultural training program. Its apprenticeship style of delivery ensures that participants learn through actively performing the skills required.
This means learning, hands-on, out in the barn, field or corral and getting dirty. It also means having a trainer who is knowledgeable and interested in the trainee's success.

For more information about this program, please contact Raelene Mercer, Green Certificate Coordinator


June 7, 2017 Press Release |

Funding connects students to agribusiness - Education will partner with Agriculture and Forestry and invest up to $400,000 annually to cover the course fees for students enrolled in a range of GCP offerings.

"Our government is committed to protecting and improving education and preparing students for their futures. The Green Certificate Program is designed to connect students with our agricultural industry, and I am pleased to provide funding that ensures students no longer have to pay fees to access this outstanding program."
David Eggen, Minister of Education




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Program History

The Classroom Agriculture Program was created to enhance students’ understanding of agriculture and where their food comes from, thereby fostering a greater respect for the industry and the individuals who make Alberta-based food production a reality.

By taking a strong, positive message about Alberta agriculture to the classroom, CAP volunteers have been having a positive impact on Alberta children for over 30 years.

The program’s objectives continue to create a positive perception receptive to:
  • the immediate value of agriculture to the economy
  • the immediate value of agriculture in providing employment in both primary and secondary sectors
  • the immediate value of agriculture to the Canadian life-style. For example, pharmaceuticals made available through by-products in the cattle sector
  • the immediate appreciate of Alberta food production and processing
  • the need to protect and preserve the land base which supports the production of food for Canadians
  • the importance of soil conservation
  • the career opportunities throughout the entire spectrum of agriculture including support industries.

The Classroom Agriculture Program was conceptualized by Vickie King, a member of the Alberta Women in Support of Agriculture. In 1985, she was successful in garnering funds from the Alberta Cattle Commission to jumpstart the program. Current program sponsors include the Alberta Barley Commission, Alberta Beef Producers, Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Alberta Chicken Producers, Egg Farmers of Alberta, Alberta Pulse Growers Commission, Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, Eastern Irrigation District, Alberta Irrigation Project Association, Agriculture for Life, Alberta Pork, Alberta Institute of Agrologists, Alberta Milk and Alberta Wheat. CAP is not for profit and is available thanks to the support of these members and partners.

The first CAP presentations were made to 395 schools, including 29,739 students. Since that time over 600,000 students have received the CAP presentation. CAP currently has about 300 active volunteers who deliver presentations. CAP is free of charge and is available to grade four classes across Alberta. The presentation is one hour long.

CAP is endorsed by the Minster or Education and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.