County Vision

A vibrant and dynamic County, reflecting strong values and progressive attitudes, while balancing nature and economic growth in a global environment.

The County's Municipal Development Plan (MDP) provides Northern Sunrise County Council, administration, residents, and developers with a cohesive framework to guide local decision-making in a way that is consistent with the County’s long term vision. Specifically, the plan was developed to:
  1. Protect the County’s better agricultural land and rural character.
  2. Guide future land use, infrastructure and development related policy decisions in a manner that reflects the County’s priorities for future growth.
  3. Support and promote the County’s natural assets and tourism potential by protecting, promoting and enhancing its environmentally sensitive areas and open spaces.
  4. Promote residential, commercial and industrial growth that adheres to sustainable and efficient development practices and standards.
  5. Establish protocol through which the County will coordinate with municipal neighbours to identify and promote areas to support long term growth in the Peace Region.
The MDP is updated every five to 10 years.