County Staff

Peter Thomas - Chief Administrative Officer

Cindy Millar  - Director of Legislative Services/Assistant CAO

Jocelyn Gagnon - Executive Administrative Assistant

Fiona Ness - Administrative Assistant

Sheila Brent - Administrative Assistant


Sebastien Dutrisac - Agricultural Fieldman

Stephanie Soucy - Weed Program Coordinator

Wayne Wright - Shop Foreman

Kelly McGuire - Field Foreman

Becky Devaleriola - Administrative Support

Mike Gagnon - Assessor

Rod Guttinger - Deputy Assessor

Ken Cloake - Associate Assessor

Garett Smereka - Associate Assessor

Sylvia Stilling - Administrative Assistant

Amber Houle - Supervisor of Community Services

Kailey Imes - Recreation/Cultural Coordinator

Veronique Lavoie - St. Isdiore Community Development Coordinator

Val Gladue -Cadotte Lake Community Development Coordinator


Bob Madore - Director of Finance

Charlene Byrne - Taxation, Assessment, Utilities, Accounts Receivable

Randi Paquette - Administrative Assistant

Teresa Dejonghe - Human Resources Administrator

David LeBlanc - Director of Protective Services

Julien Bergeron - Deputy Fire Chief

Ian Cosh - Director of Engineering

Ashley Tompkins - GIS Coordinator/Data Specialist


Amber Houle - Supervisor of Community Services

Jennifer Regal - Development Officer

Mike Konowalyk - Director of Public Works

Allan Johnson - Road Foreman

Fred Ingold - Road Foreman

Alicia Smith - Administrative Assistant

Sam Smaldon - Grader Operator

Russell Rehaume - Grader Operator

Russell Berger - Heavy Equipment Operator

Annette Knudsen - Light Equipment Operator

Derrold St. Germain - Heavy Equipment Operator

David Wieler - Heavy Equipment Operator

Hank Hitchcock - Heavy Equipment Operator

Clayton Cardinal - Heavy Equipment Operator

Dwain Rose - Mechanic