Assessment Review

This contains information on assessment reviews which includes procedures and resources to submit a complaint.

Property owners can inspect the assessment roll after the mailing of the assessment and tax notice.  Please contact the County Assessor for an explanation and comparison of your property to other similar properties.

You have 60 days after the mailing of the assessment notice to file a complaint with the appeal fee.  There are three levels of revision of assessment:
  1. Assessor
  2. Assessment Review Board
  3. Municipal Government Board
Alberta Municipal Affairs annually audits the assessment and the market sales to ensure the rate of assessment to sales is within the regulated guidelines.

NOTE:  You CANNOT submit a complaint against the Tax Rate.

Correction of roll of the Municipal Government Act states:

305(1) If it is discovered that there is an error, omission or misdescription in any of the information shown on the assessment roll,

(a) the assessor may correct the assessment roll for the current year only, and

(b) on correcting the roll, an amended assessment notice must be prepared and sent to the assessed person.

If the assessor's explanation does not assure you that your assessment is fair, you can make a complaint by completing a complaint form, agent authorization form, attachments (if any) and the required fee must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on the deadline date as indicated on your Combined Assessment and Tax Notice at the following address:
Northern Sunrise County
Clerk of the Assessment Review Board
Bag 1300
Peace River AB  T8S 1Y9
Complaint forms may be downloaded from the following sites:

You must file a separate complaint form and pay the required fee for each assessment in dispute.

Please be advised that the Assessment Review Board will not hear any matters or reasons that are not clearly described on the complaint form.