Assessed & Why?

The rules and regulations of assessing property comes from the Municipal Government Act and the Minister's Guidelines, not from the County Council.  The County uses the assessment to calculate the fair distribution of Municipal and School taxes.  Properties are assessed or valued every year for taxation in the following year.

Assessment Review Board Complaint Form

Residents wishing to appeal their assessment are encouraged to first contact the Assessent Department to discuss the details of their Notice of Assessment. The deadline for filing an assessment appeal is shown on your tax notice.

For more information, please contact Mike Gagnon, County Assessor at 780-624-0013.

Assessment Review Board Complaint Form

Asessment Detail Sheet Request

Inquiries regarding Assessment Detail Sheets can be obtained by contacting the County's Assessment department at or in person at the County Office.

Penalty Information

Tax Arrears Penalty

Penalties will be applied to unpaid taxes after the due date of June 30th.  Penalty rates and schedules are as listed below:
  • 4% will be levied on the outstanding balance on July 1st
  • 2% on August 1st
  • 2% on September 1st
  • 2% on October 1st
  • 2% on November 1st