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Northern Sunrise County is the latest community in Alberta to partner with ALUS Canada in 2016 and the first community in Northern Alberta.

Northern Sunrise is committed to delivering the ALUS program in collaboration with farmers and ranchers by taking marginal, environmentally sensitive lands out of agricultural production and appointing them to the production of environmental goods and services, in return rewarding producers through annual, per-acre payments.

Shared Footprint Emerald Award

Alternative Land Use Services communities in Alberta won the Shared Footprint Emerald award for their outstanding work in providing environmental stewardship services to agricultural producers.   Together, Alberta's ALUS communities are bridging the gap between environmental and agricultural activities by building a network of farmers and ranchers to lead conservation efforts throughout the province, while ALUS is establishing a market for the eco-services produced by these dedicated ALUS farmers. 

ALUS  participation is voluntary and we are looking for active agricultural producers whose farms will benefit from ecosystem service projects listed below, therefore transforming unproductive or environmentally sensitive lands from agricultural production to producing ecological services which include clean air, clean water, flood mitigation, climate adaption, carbon sequestration, species at risk habitat and support our native bees and pollinators.

  • Planting native grasses for forage or habitat
  • Planting flowering plants for pollinator habitat
  • Reforesting or enhancing tree stands
  • Building multi-row shelterbelts to protect fields from wind, snow and soil erosion
  • Enhancing and or expanding riparian areas
  • Restoring, creating or enhancing wetlands
  • Creating fencing around water bodies and improving waterbody buffers
  • Creating watering systems for livestock
  • Housing bird nesting structures and other habitat structures

Why participate in

Receive money annually to produce ecosystem services

Create an ecosystem that will benefit the whole community and ALUS helps producers:

1. Identify stewardship opportunities
2. Shares establishment costs with the land owner - materials and labour
  • Typically a 50/50 ratio
  • Assists with obtaining additional funding sources (e.g. Growing Forward 2) which can increase the ratio to 85% ALUS / 15% Landowner
3.  Provides competitive local land rental rates for land taken out of production

Steps to becoming an ALUS participant

Step 1:

Exression of interest - Complete the EOI form or call the ALUS Coordinator below to discuss your interest in a project(s).

Step 2:

The ALUS Coordinator will tour your project site and discuss project opportunities.

Step 3:

The Coordinator will create a project proposal and present it to the Watershed Advisory Committee (WAC), made up of local producers and technical experts.  The WAC will review and approve, decline or suggest changes for the proposal.

A project proposal will inlcude the following information:
  • EOI form
  • Project overview (a clear outline of all project information)
  • Project proposal map
  • Estimated budget for project
  • Supplementary maps & documents
  • Site visit photos

Step 4:

You may have to complete a short Environmental Farm Plan or Growing Forward 2 Program Funding form with the help from the Coordinator.

Step 5:

Once the WAC approves the project, you will sign a flexible 5 year term agreement with the option for renewal.  You can opt out at any time and payments will be adjusted accordingly.  This agreement will contain project details and the payments (project establishment costs & annual payment) that ALUS covers.

Step 6:

Congratulations!  The project is approved and the paperwork is complete, now the implementation can begin.  The producer can begin with the project installation or its oversight.

Agricultural Producers

We're looking for agricultural producers who have properties that include:
  • Watercourses in fields / pastures
  • Steeply sloped crop lands
  • Low wet fields and wetlands
  • Highly erodible fields
  • Small fields that can't handle farming equipment efficiently
Examples of ALUS Projects:
  • Wetland restoration, enhancement & creation
  • Ephemeral and temporary wetlands
  • Riparian buffers
  • Native Prairie establishment
  • Pollinator habitat
  • Riparian enhancement
  • Reforestation
  • Shelterbelts
  • Wildlife friendly fencing
  • Nesting structures
  • Riparian fencing
  • Erosion control structures
  • Windbreaks
  • Native species planting
  • Modified Agricultural activities to promote wildlife habitat
  • Tree & shrub planting

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